Design I // Balance

For Design I’s third project, we focused on balance. Students constructed 4 compositions based on the following options of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, and pattern. Their theme had to be inspired by the lyrics of a song or poem of their choosing. The medium used to depict these shapes was black construction paper, and good craftsmanship was emphasized. They also had to implement the elements and principles of design in their work. Some students even accepted the challenge of making 3D pop-up elements.

Below are some of the composition sets that were submitted.

* I have permission from my students to promote their work on my website.

Song: “Good Morning Baltimore” from “Hairspray”; Design by Abby Jenkins
Song: “Hakunamatata” from “The Lion King”; Design by Ashley Baker
Song: “Loverman” by Train; Design by Breanna Rochelle
Song: “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John; Design by Cassidy Jones
Poem: “Caged Bird” by Maya Angelou; Design by Dylan Turner
Song: “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals; Design by Kaleb Baker
Poem about space by unknown writer; Design by Kimberly Kazmark
Song: “Pianoman” by Billy Joel; Design by Lexi Bennett
Song: “Escape” by Rupert Holmes; Design by Mary Beth McClung
Song: “Death of a Bachelor” by Panic at the Disco; Design by Bes Reilly
Song: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from “Cinderella”; Design by Jillian Lovato
Song: “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”; Design by Samantha Marshall
Song: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” from “The Lion King”; Design by Taylor Fikes
Song: “Huntin Fishin Lovin Everyday” by Luke Bryan; Design by Wes Edgeworth

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