Papermaking with Anya

Anya is a sweet friend of my neighbors. She spent a few hours with me a couple mornings during the summer to learn how to make paper. We had a great time together! Here are some photos from the session. She loved making paper! (Isn’t she just adorable?! And she’s just as sweet, too.)


Organic Papermaking Workshop 1

I had the pleasure of teaching a 14 year old girl named Anandi how to make natural-looking hand-recycled paper a couple weeks ago. She was so sweet and full of creative ideas. Anandi also used a template of Mississippi that I made in graduate school to make Mississippi-shaped paper. Of course we had to mix color pigments together to find the right mix of Mississippi State University MAROON! We had a lot of fun!

Below are photos of the paper she made:



Summer 2016 Papermaking Workshops for Kids & Teens

Hi everyone,

I haven’t posted any updates in too long. I intend to change that this summer.

I have great news! I am teaching papermaking workshops for kids and teens ages 7–14 in Starkville, MS this summer. Class size is limited, so pre-register soon to be sure to snag a seat! Each workshop is a 3-day event from 9:00 am–noon, costing each student $100. All materials will be supplied.

Students are encouraged to wear “paint clothes” as these activities can be a little messy! Parents and guardians are also welcome to attend, but are not required.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a video featuring my little buddy Shivank making his first sheet of hand-recycled paper under my instruction.

And now for the dates and workshop projects:



The next workshop is an event for kids and teens that love Christmas so much, that they  would enjoy creating tree ornaments in July! I taught this workshop over 2 years ago while in graduate school and it was a big hit. Visit the old blog post to see those kids at work:


I will also have copies of my self-published children’s book A Girl Finds a Flower featuring my hand-recycled paper illustrations for sale at the workshops for $20. They are also for sale online at and


I hope you can join me to create fun, exciting art! Please contact me to pre-register at

Pulp Party 3

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to meet Brooke Foy, an Instructor of Art at University of Louisiana at Monroe, which is 30 minutes away from Louisiana Tech University.  We were asked to help judge a middle and high school art exhibition (which was harder than we thought!).  She heard my plea for help making multiples of paper casts, so she brought a car full of her students along one night to learn and help.  Some of them had even tried making paper on their own in the past, but it didn’t quite work out.  They were super focused and were very quick with the process.  It was nice to hear that they knew papermaking would benefit them in future projects and were thankful to spend a night in my studio.  Passing this process onto others is so fulfilling!

10247308_10152322862955170_119773675231580361_n 10253868_10152322863010170_457222264090325637_n


1538890_10152322862905170_8876441897820194228_n 1975269_10152322862700170_8376363643450247737_n 10152435_10152322862855170_2109432582949089779_n  10251888_10152322862810170_3299311206049481563_n

10155920_10152322862755170_4867605418909076468_nVery beautiful pieces of work!



Pulp Party 2

Another group of undergrads volunteered to help me paper cast a lot of bouncy balls for my installation, and I taught them how to hand-recycle sheets in return!  We had a great time.  One girl that came was not even an art student– she was majoring in theater and biology!  She was interested in the process to consider making her wedding invitations by hand.  They were super helpful and produced beautiful paper art.

971200_10152320283790170_750878494_n 1509955_10152320284185170_1148264207_n 1525571_10152320284060170_1005486166_n 1601534_10152320283925170_2000745425_n

10014657_10152320283845170_1240109270_n 1625678_10152320284335170_1445971639_n 1797366_10152320284260170_1094085830_n 10001581_10152320283735170_1655300235_n  10150671_10152320283680170_1721082135_n(1) 10154317_10152320283975170_1089905443_n 10154446_10152320284125170_1645788487_n

Pulp Party

My biggest project that I will unveil at my MFA Thesis Art Show on April 24th has a bit left of getting done.  I tend to get big ideas, and later realize they are bigger than I initially thought!  For this particular installation, I needed some extra help to move along the process of paper casting.  It’s amazing what five extra pairs of hands can do!  Rosalynne, John, Catlin, Darby, and Lindsey are a few of my former design students that volunteered to spend Saturday with me to help paper cast a lot of bouncy balls, and in return I taught them how to pull sheets of paper.


Blending white paper scraps with Abaca (banana fiber) to add strength to the paper.


Draining a lot of the water through a colander so it won’t be completely soppy.

IMG_1712Patting the drained pulp onto the form like clay, and soaking up the excess water with a towel.


Working away to paper cast ball pit balls.

1488783_10152293856830170_1585793230_n 1536709_10152293856780170_493298681_n 1558527_10152293856920170_877656272_n

1899904_10152293856965170_1217040657_n 1947534_10152293857020170_739985041_n

558988_10152293856595170_1862830671_n 603586_10152293856870170_979249009_n7002_10152293856460170_2003802350_nOnce these paper casts dried, I applied a second layer of pulp to thicken the casts. Then after they dried once again, I popped the casts off the bouncy balls.

1780068_10152296914970170_362738828_oThe beautiful hand-recycled paper they made!  They colored them with pigments and tissue paper, and experimented with blending screen-printed scraps, food seasoning, and grass into their pulp.

Workshop Coming Soon


North Central LA Arts Council & LaTech MFA Program Presents “Paper Pulp Christmas Ornaments Workshop”, taught by designer & papermaker Brittany Spencer at the Dixie Center for the Arts in Ruston, LA.  Saturday, December 14th at 10:00am–Noon.  Ages 7–12 years old.  Class size is limited.  Pre-registration is necessary.  NCLAC members pay $10, non-members pay $15.  Contact Jessica Slaughter, (318)255-1450 or

Click image above to view larger version.