Gearing Up for Back to School

Sometimes in conversation with new people, when I tell them I am a graphic designer they ask me to clarify what that entails.  I have even had graphic design students enter my intro course fumbling to define “What is graphic design?” on the first day of class.  I was one of those students years ago, because I felt graphic design was such a vast field that couldn’t be defined in one sentence.  I have shown this video to each of my intro classes, because it really sums up what graphic designers are capable of in terms of design and output in 6.5 minutes:


With school gearing back up, I would like to share some local projects I have done.  My younger twin brothers just finished high school, so my skills have been of use to them the past few years.

For example, I added a contemporary spin to their sports ads for the annual football program with my original photography:

sophomorePrintAs a horizontal ad, it was interesting to watch the crowd to see who turned their books sideways.


BOOM.  Double trouble!

I can design an ad that makes your child stand out from the other pages!

I also can design senior graduation invitations, with my original photography:




Senior yearbook pages:



The plan is for their pages to end up on the same spread, as if they are sitting back-to-back.

I can even design classroom posters for school teachers with their favorite quotes: 



Now is a great time to contact me for your back-to-school design needs!  If you are unsure if I can try something, give me a shout out.  I just may surprise you!