Play Pretend and Never Grow Old typographic pieces

I really want a series of typographic laser-cut designs out of my handmade paper.  I presented two designs in my graduate review last week.  “Play Pretend” and “Never Grow Up” are two phrases that relate to my thesis work.  The next one I will design is “Think Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts” in reference to J.M. Barrie’s novel Peter Pan.  (The Disney film is nothing compared to the novel!  It’s one of my absolute favorites.)  “Play Pretend” was the favorite in the series last week in how it was layered.  Colorful paper on top of solid paper tends to help with legibility in this case.  I displayed them with magnets, which held the layered paper together and to the wall.  However, when all is finalized I will glue the layers together before I display them.

Planned out in my sketchbook



Refined laser-cut files for 28×17″ paper






Here are more decorative paper examples I presented in my graduate review.  The gallery lighting was not the best at that moment.