New Blog, New Studio Space

Well, I am in my final year of grad school at Louisiana Tech University as a Communication Design student. I’ll be getting into the nitty gritty of my artwork and research, and I got an awesome new space for my artistic experiments. My small home kitchen just wasn’t large enough anymore for my papermaking supplies and mess, and to make larger paper, I needed much more table space and drying space.  These studios are on campus for any art student that needs one, so you can see it’s been used by previous artists with the random paint on the floor and walls.


Yes, that is a kiddie pool.  I use it for my water vat.  $12.00, y’all!


The table against the wall also functions as a drying “box”.  I’ll stack my new, wet sheets underneath between felt and cardboard with concrete blocks on top, and when I turn my box fan towards it, the air will be able to circulate in the blocked off space.


Plenty of space to hang and dry papers and felts.


And my sweet baby, Bailee 🙂  She’s my little helper, and enjoys the box fan.


I still have some supplies coming in to use for my new body of work, and I can’t wait to start!  I will post new designs, hand-recycled paper, and prints as I finish them.  If you would like to see the blog of what I accomplished last school year, visit

Have a great day!  Make something wonderful 🙂