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It has been a long time since I have featured something on this blog that I created!

Last summer my high school classmate, Andrew Branch, reached out to me about designing a logo for his songwriting ventures. Andrew is a smart, friendly guy with many talents and interests. While we were in school together, he was known as the guy everyone liked to be around. He also wasn’t shy to bust a move, especially when he was dressed up as our Blue Devil mascot! After high school Andrew studied Portuguese and Systems Engineering at the United States Military Academy in West Point.

For nostalgia’s sake, here we are back in high school during homecoming week. (Look at those youngins’!)

Now he is based in Nashville and is crafting his songwriting skills that span an array of genres on the side. Give his awesome music a listen: https://soundcloud.com/branchmgr

In Andrew’s own words, he describes his primary musical inspirations to be….

The Beatles (genres they crossed in a short time), Stromae (his ability to make tough topics dance-able), Prince (for being an uncontrollable force as a musician and not giving a hot ham what people thought of him) and Otis Redding (for being the king of Soul and an electrifying performer)…..those four are the strongest influence on me, artistically.

With a mix of pop, rock, and even country music influences, Andrew needed a logo that could speak to it all and be true to who he is as a brand. Andrew wanted the logo to say “-branch mgr” (branch manager) as his way to sign off any music he wrote and produced with the concept that he will do what he wants creatively as far as genre is concerned. “Branch” is also his last name.

First, I researched design associated with his musical inspirations, general songwriting symbolism, and music label groups while listening to his songs on Soundcloud. Then I emailed him a series of sketches.


An icon I kept returning back to was a heart. Andrew has a big heart and his music is infused with heart, as well. He was surprised by that choice, and in his email response said…

Strangely, I hadn’t considered hearts…at all. hahaha. But, you may have me pegged better than I do.

Andrew picked his favorite 4 ideas for me to focus on with an explanation of why he liked each one:

• 1, the treble cleft b should just be my personal emoji for all things in life. Haha
• The 27 represents, in my mind, a heart with walls, which is very symbolic to me as that’s how I approach songwriting.
• 23 is significant in that, my moniker is -branch mgr, representing my signature being on something means I’ve approved of it as quality
• 9, I just feel is reflective of life and a pulse…music is my pulse and as displayed there, it comes from the heart.

Then it was time to move on to digital black-and-white mockups.


This was the chosen grey scale logo:

Next was color. Andrew knew he wanted a blue scheme, but I threw in a couple other color variations for good measure.


This was the winner, shown with white and black backgrounds:


I also set the icon apart for social media purposes:



Andrew was a great client to work with! I wish him well with all his songwriting endeavors.

Be sure to also check out Andrew’s website and like his Facebook page!

Freelance Photography

As all art is relative and can blend to achieve a goal from time to time, graphic design and photography tend to be a complimentary pair. I touched on this topic in my last blog post Gearing Up for Back to School.  It may be easier to see my love of integrating illustration in my portfolio work (brittanyspencer.com), but I am also capable of implementing original photography.  This goes back to my undergraduate education at Mississippi State University, as we were taught to have a solid fine art foundation education to make us better designers.  The use and know-how of your very own DSLR camera opens much more possibilities in achieving a particular project goal.  Stock photography can be cheesy, boring, and overused.  (Check out this girl’s collection of ways her stock photos have been used.)  Come on, be ORIGINAL!  View my last blog post Gearing Up for Back to School to see how I combined photography with graphic design.

I also do some freelance photography on the side for families, babies, graduating seniors, engagements, and weddings.  And I am one of those people that LOVES Photoshop, and will edit a photo to make it perfect– free of blemishes, stray hairs, that sneaky fat roll, and even the random power pole in the background.

Here are some of my favorites:






Before and After: A storm is coming 🙂 I love Photoshop.






I can even design some pretty snazzy wedding albums.  I finished this album a few days ago.  Flip through the digital preview:

Or view the album by clicking this link.

May I be of any service to you?

Gearing Up for Back to School

Sometimes in conversation with new people, when I tell them I am a graphic designer they ask me to clarify what that entails.  I have even had graphic design students enter my intro course fumbling to define “What is graphic design?” on the first day of class.  I was one of those students years ago, because I felt graphic design was such a vast field that couldn’t be defined in one sentence.  I have shown this video to each of my intro classes, because it really sums up what graphic designers are capable of in terms of design and output in 6.5 minutes:


With school gearing back up, I would like to share some local projects I have done.  My younger twin brothers just finished high school, so my skills have been of use to them the past few years.

For example, I added a contemporary spin to their sports ads for the annual football program with my original photography:

sophomorePrintAs a horizontal ad, it was interesting to watch the crowd to see who turned their books sideways.


BOOM.  Double trouble!

I can design an ad that makes your child stand out from the other pages!

I also can design senior graduation invitations, with my original photography:




Senior yearbook pages:



The plan is for their pages to end up on the same spread, as if they are sitting back-to-back.

I can even design classroom posters for school teachers with their favorite quotes: 



Now is a great time to contact me for your back-to-school design needs!  If you are unsure if I can try something, give me a shout out.  I just may surprise you!