My MFA Thesis Show

I am proud to present my MFA Thesis Show body of work entitled Play.  You may click on the images to view them at a larger size.

Artist statement:

We too have been there; we can still hear the sound of the surf, though we shall land no more.Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, speaking of the Neverland

My work is inspired by the joyful feelings that come from an awe-filled outlook on the world that a child understands and naturally possesses. There is a beauty within such memories, and those experiences are still there to rediscover and savor today. Remember to never forget the rush of flying toward the sky with the help of a swing-set, hiding from monsters underneath bed-sheet forts, that pets are the greatest secretkeepers, and that lightning bugs are fairies in disguise. Today’s culture focuses so much on what a child should learn from adults. My art focuses on the opposite: What can adults relearn from children to better enjoy our daily lives? What magical and fun occurrences are overlooked in this busy, straight-forward world?

To construct my illustrative pieces, hand-recylced paper is transformed into twodimensional and three-dimensional creations. My work translated through this medium feels profoundly appropriate, as many children first express themselves through art by manipulating a sheet of paper. And like this sheet of paper, childhood is fragile and full of possibilities. The art of papermaking is a messy, tactile process, and calls to mind memories of mud pies and sand castles. To achieve a variety of forms, contemporary methods are utilized such as laser cutting and etching. My intent is for the audience to experience a sense of wonder upon viewing my work, and realize life can once again be a grand adventure.


On the front wall of the gallery, awesome cyanotype portraits by Jaime Johnson were hung of the MFA candidates in the show.



Business cards and artist statements:


“Cloud Gazing” installation made with hand-recycled paper.  This was inspired by my memories of looking at the white, puffy clouds in the sky as a child and imagining shapes and figures.  I had a lot of help making these casted paper forms, as documented in my earlier blog posts.

3M7A0681 3M7A0570 3M7A0573 3M7A0571 3M7A0577 3M7A0670 DSC_4426 DSC_4425 3M7A0581

Laser cut original typography on hand-recycled paper:

3M7A0544 DSC_4432 DSC_4434 DSC_4438 3M7A0682

Laser cut hand-recycled paper leaves:

3M7A0684 3M7A0608 3M7A0614 3M7A0616 3M7A0566 3M7A0638 3M7A0644 3M7A0657 3M7A0665 DSC_4456

Artist talk:

10335475_10201997981652830_1295737010_o 10340501_10201997981212819_662255287_o


DSC_0957 DSC_0944

My gallery area:


Many thanks to Matthew Ramsaur and Jaime Johnson for the awesome photos!  I will have my portfolio website updated with new imagery soon.  I am now looking forward to graduation at Louisiana Tech University in a couple weeks!  Three years of study, research, and art-making has paid off.  Please click to check out my friends’ work who were also in the show:

Jaime Johnson, photography

Peter Hay, painting and printmaking

Casey Parkinson, ceramics

Matthew Knopps, sculpture

MC Davis, painting

Jake Dugard, screen-printing



Recent Acceptance to Art Shows

Just a little update–

My lithographic piece Childhood Home 1 was accepted into the Art from the G.U.T.S. (Grambling University, University of Louisiana- Monroe, Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana State University- Shreveport) show in Ruston, Louisiana.  The juror was Leigh Ann Chambers, You can see it at the Enterprise Center through this Friday.


Tonight I received an email that my paper sculpture Summer’s Day Treat was accepted into Louisiana Tech University’s annual student art show.  Designer Will Bryant was the juror.  He received his BFA from my alma mater Mississippi State University just as I was entering the graphic design program.  It will be a couple weeks before this show is set up in the art department and open for the public.


Update: I received Honorable Mention for my ice cream cones!