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Pulp Party 3

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Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to meet Brooke Foy, an Instructor of Art at University of Louisiana at Monroe, which is 30 minutes away from Louisiana Tech University.  We were asked to help judge a middle and high school art exhibition (which was harder than we thought!).  She heard my plea for […]

Pulp Party 2

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Another group of undergrads volunteered to help me paper cast a lot of bouncy balls for my installation, and I taught them how to hand-recycle sheets in return!  We had a great time.  One girl that came was not even an art student– she was majoring in theater and biology!  She was interested in the […]

Pulp Party

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My biggest project that I will unveil at my MFA Thesis Art Show on April 24th has a bit left of getting done.  I tend to get big ideas, and later realize they are bigger than I initially thought!  For this particular installation, I needed some extra help to move along the process of paper […]