Intro to Computing Art // OMG American Gods

Fall 2016: For students to refine their skills using Adobe Illustrator’s Pen Tool, my students accepted the challenge of the OMG project, as in “Oh my gosh, this is so challenging and time consuming!” But the effort is well worth the outcome.

In the past the theme has been to recreate a movie scene.  This semester to mix things up, the theme was to recreate a god or goddess in modern society. Students researched Greek, Roman, and Aztec mythological figures to learn about their core characteristics, and brainstormed how to apply them in our current culture.

They photographed themselves, friends, or family as their models. Then they used that photo as a template to make a vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator.  Tiny solid shapes make up the entirety of the photo to make a realistic representation.  They spent about three weeks on the project. The process is like creating a digital painting! Below are some examples that were turned in. I also included the outline imagery of a couple illustrations to show the number of shapes that were created to make up the compositions. All have aspects to be improved upon for their portfolio, but overall I was very pleased with their results! These illustrations are sure to blow your mind!

* I have permission from my students to promote their work on my website.

Huitzilopochtli by Moesha Wright
(Outline of shapes)
Apollo by Allie Hanson
(Outline of shapes)
Section1_Kaitlyn-Upton_Poseidon copy
Poseidon by Kaitlyn Upton
Aeolus by April Porter
aphrodite [Recovered].ailast
Aphrodite by Bethany Smith
Dionysus by Gerald Wicks
Karpo by Mary Emily Moore
Hephaestus by Parker Webb
Dionysus by Ryan Guillory
Hekate by Canaan Griffin
Hermes by Josie Goodman
Ninkasi by Meredith Morris
Demeter by Morgan Helton
Aphrodite by Taylor Knight

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