Design I // Line Explosion

Fall 2016: My Design I class is a sweet group. I have 15 girls and 2 guys. (Where are the creative major guys these days?!) Most of them are Interior Design majors, but I also have a few representing Fine Art, Photography, and Floral Management.

For their first project, we focused on line and the psychological meanings of straight and curvy line work. Students chose 1-3 adjectives to illustrate using line, creating a “line explosion.” The medium used to depict these lines included Sharpies and Micron pens of different thicknesses, and good craftsmanship was emphasized. They were to also implement the elements and principles of design in their work.

Elements: line, shape, mass/form/volume, space, value, color, texture, time/motion.
Principles: balance, rhythm, repetition, unity, variety, size/scale/proportion, emphasis/focal point.

* I have permission from my students to promote their work on my website.


by Anna Terry: fluffy, prickly


by Caroline Fitzwater: confusion


by Elise Sears: mellow, awkward


by Karleigh Harfst: violent, deep, wrinkled


by Mary Katherine Swindoll: noisy, whimsical


by Megan Henry: frustrated, grouchy


by Megan Norman: angry, aggressive


by Ashtyn Carpenter: excited, deep, mighty


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