Design I // Space & Perspective Final

For Fall 2015 Design I’s sixth and final project, we focused on value. Students drew a complex shape incorporating only 90° angles, and had to turn it into a 3D form, rotating and moving it through space using acrylic paint. For tough angles that were harder to imagine, they downloaded apps such as Think 3D and SketchUp, or built their shape the old-fashioned way with Legos and turned the shape in hand. They implemented the one-point perspective system of drawing to exaggerate their forms at particular angles. It is a mind-boggling assignment, and challenges students to think beyond what they have done on a flat surface. As always, craftsmanship is important and the image must include a full range of grey scale values.

Below are some of the pieces that were submitted. All have aspects to be improved upon for their portfolio, but overall I was very pleased with their results!

* I have permission from my students to promote their work on my website.

by Annie Kesler
by Christine Smith
by Hannah McCain
by Jessi Holloway
by Kaitlynn Harness
by Wrenn Parrish
by Zynettra Woodard

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