Design I // Fall 2014 // What Goes Up Must Come Down

Last semester my small Design I crew did a collaborative project– a vinyl sticker installation designed and placed by them.  It was a fun project, and added a nice splash of color in front of Howell Hall on Mississippi State University’s campus.  Read about the project HERE. But alas, the time has come for it to come down.


Taking down the installation has proven to be more work than putting it up! To remove the stickers, we’re using razor scrapers and pulling it away from the window when it allows. Then we have to remove the sticky left behind on the windows with acetone, cleaner, and LOTS of scrubbing.  We’re working on it little-by-little on Friday mornings, so there is still a little bit left to go.

But something interesting happened last Friday.  While we were working that morning, a number of students were passing by heading to class.  Some glanced at us in curiosity; others didn’t seem to know we were there. Then I noticed in the window reflection a guy standing a few paces away staring at us. I turned to see if we were blocking him from entering the building.

He said, “What class did this?”

I replied, “Design I last semester.”

He asked, “Why are you taking it down?”

“Because that’s just the rules.”

He seemed almost offended that we were taking it down.  “It’s just that I remember walking past this building after it was put up, and….” His voice trailed off and he walked away shaking his head in pity.

HOW WONDERFUL!  A student on campus was impacted by the installation, and hated to see it go.  That makes me happy.

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