Intro to Computing Art // Illustrator Project 1

It has been awhile since I have had a chance to update my blog, because I am busy teaching at Mississippi State University! This fall semester, I teach Design I and Intro to Computing Art and manage the art department computer lab. This does not leave much time to do papermaking, but I also do not have a space for that at this time. Fingers crossed I will find a studio space soon!

My Intro class turned in their first project last week. I have a great bunch of students. They are mostly sophomores and juniors. It’s so satisfying to see them learn the creative software as beginners and push themselves. I love to encourage community within my classes, and it’s nice to watch that happen, as well, during critique and on work days.

For their first Illustrator project, they had to choose an idiom (raining cats and dogs, hit the hay, you are what you eat, etc.) and construct an interesting, successful illustration. Brainstorming processes such as mind mapping and forced connections were introduced.  Then they had to submit a series of thumbnails of their ideas, and narrow down to their top three. Those three were then turned into rough comps that were drawn with sharpies and micron pens, and critiqued with their entire class. The best chosen sketch was scanned into Illustrator, and vector shapes are placed on top. The focus in Illustrator was learning the Pen Tool and layer management.

Below are some examples that were turned in. All have aspects to be improved upon for their portfolio, but overall I was very pleased with their results! Some of them illustrated their idiom as a play on words.

* I have permission from my students to promote their work on my website.



Grammar Nazi by Jack Hannon


Splitting Hairs by Jessica Comer


When Pigs Fly by Logan Sanders


Whatever Floats Your Boat by Keats Haupt


Eye Candy by Austin Fairley


Everything but the Kitchen Sink by Claire Burgett


Poker Face (reference to Lady Gaga) by Marianna Myrick


Clean as a Whistle by Jeremy Childress


Butterflies in Her Stomach by Brittany Roberts


Fork in the Road by Mitchell Phillips


Hold Your Horses by Kelsey Bishop


Close Call by Aubrey Pohl


Cool Beans by Kelli Clayton


Drink Like a Fish by Ian Green


Flip the Bird by Anna Zollicoffer


Poker Face by Layne Smith



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