Freelance Photography

As all art is relative and can blend to achieve a goal from time to time, graphic design and photography tend to be a complimentary pair. I touched on this topic in my last blog post Gearing Up for Back to School.  It may be easier to see my love of integrating illustration in my portfolio work (, but I am also capable of implementing original photography.  This goes back to my undergraduate education at Mississippi State University, as we were taught to have a solid fine art foundation education to make us better designers.  The use and know-how of your very own DSLR camera opens much more possibilities in achieving a particular project goal.  Stock photography can be cheesy, boring, and overused.  (Check out this girl’s collection of ways her stock photos have been used.)  Come on, be ORIGINAL!  View my last blog post Gearing Up for Back to School to see how I combined photography with graphic design.

I also do some freelance photography on the side for families, babies, graduating seniors, engagements, and weddings.  And I am one of those people that LOVES Photoshop, and will edit a photo to make it perfect– free of blemishes, stray hairs, that sneaky fat roll, and even the random power pole in the background.

Here are some of my favorites:






Before and After: A storm is coming 🙂 I love Photoshop.






I can even design some pretty snazzy wedding albums.  I finished this album a few days ago.  Flip through the digital preview:

Or view the album by clicking this link.

May I be of any service to you?

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