Return to Organic Paper

This post is about a month late, but I have been busy transitioning into post-graduate school life. I now have an apartment in Starkville, MS, and will begin teaching at Mississippi State University this August.  Sadly, all my papermaking supplies are put away in a storage unit, and I am missing the process so much that my heart aches!  So I am currently on the hunt for a space to rent in Starkville to get my creativity going again.  If anybody can give me any tips, please email me at

As going-away gifts to some friends and professors at Louisiana Tech University, I made sheets of hand-recycled paper.  I had not made organic sheets in so long.  The idea of gathering flowers, grass, and leaves, and letting them drop as they pleased into the pulp sounded very therapeutic to me, especially after a year of making paper art that HAD to be a certain color and form.  Instead of bold pigment colors, I let the scrap paper determine the color, or added colored tissue paper to bleed into the pulp.


IMG_2212b IMG_2211b IMG_2208b IMG_2206b IMG_2205b IMG_2203b IMG_2201b IMG_2199b IMG_2197b IMG_2195b IMG_2192b

I also made some sheets to be laser-cut for a wedding gift….



…and Mother’s Day gifts a couple weeks earlier. *IMG_2121b

photo1 *IMG_2362b

There are so many possibilities with paper.  I love it!

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