Pulp Party 3

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to meet Brooke Foy, an Instructor of Art at University of Louisiana at Monroe, which is 30 minutes away from Louisiana Tech University.  We were asked to help judge a middle and high school art exhibition (which was harder than we thought!).  She heard my plea for help making multiples of paper casts, so she brought a car full of her students along one night to learn and help.  Some of them had even tried making paper on their own in the past, but it didn’t quite work out.  They were super focused and were very quick with the process.  It was nice to hear that they knew papermaking would benefit them in future projects and were thankful to spend a night in my studio.  Passing this process onto others is so fulfilling!

10247308_10152322862955170_119773675231580361_n 10253868_10152322863010170_457222264090325637_n


1538890_10152322862905170_8876441897820194228_n 1975269_10152322862700170_8376363643450247737_n 10152435_10152322862855170_2109432582949089779_n  10251888_10152322862810170_3299311206049481563_n

10155920_10152322862755170_4867605418909076468_nVery beautiful pieces of work!



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