Pulp Party 2

Another group of undergrads volunteered to help me paper cast a lot of bouncy balls for my installation, and I taught them how to hand-recycle sheets in return!  We had a great time.  One girl that came was not even an art student– she was majoring in theater and biology!  She was interested in the process to consider making her wedding invitations by hand.  They were super helpful and produced beautiful paper art.

971200_10152320283790170_750878494_n 1509955_10152320284185170_1148264207_n 1525571_10152320284060170_1005486166_n 1601534_10152320283925170_2000745425_n

10014657_10152320283845170_1240109270_n 1625678_10152320284335170_1445971639_n 1797366_10152320284260170_1094085830_n 10001581_10152320283735170_1655300235_n  10150671_10152320283680170_1721082135_n(1) 10154317_10152320283975170_1089905443_n 10154446_10152320284125170_1645788487_n

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