Pulp Party

My biggest project that I will unveil at my MFA Thesis Art Show on April 24th has a bit left of getting done.  I tend to get big ideas, and later realize they are bigger than I initially thought!  For this particular installation, I needed some extra help to move along the process of paper casting.  It’s amazing what five extra pairs of hands can do!  Rosalynne, John, Catlin, Darby, and Lindsey are a few of my former design students that volunteered to spend Saturday with me to help paper cast a lot of bouncy balls, and in return I taught them how to pull sheets of paper.


Blending white paper scraps with Abaca (banana fiber) to add strength to the paper.


Draining a lot of the water through a colander so it won’t be completely soppy.

IMG_1712Patting the drained pulp onto the form like clay, and soaking up the excess water with a towel.


Working away to paper cast ball pit balls.

1488783_10152293856830170_1585793230_n 1536709_10152293856780170_493298681_n 1558527_10152293856920170_877656272_n

1899904_10152293856965170_1217040657_n 1947534_10152293857020170_739985041_n

558988_10152293856595170_1862830671_n 603586_10152293856870170_979249009_n7002_10152293856460170_2003802350_nOnce these paper casts dried, I applied a second layer of pulp to thicken the casts. Then after they dried once again, I popped the casts off the bouncy balls.

1780068_10152296914970170_362738828_oThe beautiful hand-recycled paper they made!  They colored them with pigments and tissue paper, and experimented with blending screen-printed scraps, food seasoning, and grass into their pulp.

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