Kids’ Paper Pulp Ornaments Workshop Photos

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to lead a kids’ papermaking workshop through the North Central Louisiana Arts Council last month.  It was such a success thanks to Matt, Jacob, and Jaime’s help.  We all had a blast!  My friend Jaime was kind to make photos of the action.  (By the way, check out her awesome work:  Check back soon for a video!

1014890_10201361261935235_1501459792_o 1025570_10201361272975511_302759132_o 1025653_10201361260295194_1339468141_o 1039620_10201361257215117_1710196595_o 1048201_10201361261975236_1030762009_o 1048392_10201361254895059_800868590_o 1053101_10201361256735105_1705171023_o 1075447_10201361257375121_356638415_o 1400334_10201361256095089_2133631147_o 1486016_10201361251974986_352243650_o 1486087_10201361259015162_1741175980_o 1487831_10201361259175166_1847383509_o 1498166_10201361272335495_533557730_o 1501221_10201361275655578_1784849979_o 1501246_10201361255575076_1250822021_o 1506081_10201361273615527_1003427484_o 1507262_10201361274535550_674436638_o 1511767_10201361275695579_36053618_o 1518816_10201361253815032_1645448093_o 1519265_10201361267295369_1299008002_o 1523083_10201361273775531_622239262_o 1523340_10201361267375371_2116855862_o 1529785_10201361259495174_1172932937_o 1548004_10201361260695204_1708431587_o 1556432_10201361252374996_211022146_o 1557132_10201361277735630_1123604420_o 1557171_10201361271655478_2120651394_o 1557226_10201361267335370_1182912991_o 1597401_10201361274175541_463300196_o 1597618_10201361261295219_290029331_o 1602072_10201361262375246_460378415_o 1606241_10201361275095564_794993827_o

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