3D Jacks

My second 3D paper-casting ambition…..jacks!  I made this set larger than they actually are, for aesthetic and capability purposes.

Since styrofoam worked so well for my ice cream cones before, I used it again for this project.  I also bought some tiny wooden sticks, thread, and Gorilla glue.


I chiseled the bare wooden ends with an x-acto knife.


I used Spray Mount Adhesive on the structure to help the pulp stick.  I drained a good bit of water out of the pulp, pressed it onto the structure, and used paper towels to press out even more moisture to help the fibers set.  Here is my small set when wet:


It’s crazy the difference of pulp color between wet and dry!


And here is the full set!  The photo’s color doesn’t look quite right, but you get the idea.  I’ll have a better photo for my portfolio website soon.

IMG_1307 IMG_1309

Not only are they larger than actual jacks, but so lightweight!  It’s a strange sensation to pick them up!

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