My First 3D Paper Forms

A goal for my final year of graduate school work is to pursue 3D forms along with my 2D forms.  Paper casting is pressing blended pulp onto a mold that will dry and take its shape.  Paper sculpting is the art of folding or bending sheets of paper into a shape.  For my first 3D piece, I needed to use both methods.

What child hasn’t experienced their tasty ice cream cone falling to the ground?  It’s such a sad disappointment!  Don’t us adults wish that our problems were as simple as ruined ice cream cones?

For my molds, I found cone-shaped floral foams for the cones and a tiny mesh colander for the ice cream scoops.  I blended vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, and waffle cone pulp colors.

IMG_1112To make the ice cream scoops, I pressed pulp on the inside and around the outer edge of the tiny colander.


IMG_1115The pieces dried separately…

IMG_1124…and I placed them together and added pulp into the crease to make it appear as one form.

IMG_1125I made the waffle cone sheets, but felt they needed the waffle cone pattern.  With a metal ruler and bone folder, I simulated the crease marks.

IMG_1132IMG_1133Next I used spray mount and wrapped the sheets around the cone molds.  To secure the sheets while they dried overnight, I added rubber bands.

IMG_1136Then with the “strawberry pulp”, I added a spill effect to the scoop paper form.

IMG_1139Next I worked on the cherry.  The cherry ball is essentially balled up pulp, and I pressed pulp around a thin wire for the stem.  The wire extended through the cherry so I could poke it through the chocolate scoop to hold it together.

IMG_1140I added some strawberry drips, and took it to show my directed study professor, Nicole Duet.  We agreed the strawberry cone was much more lifelike, and the chocolate/vanilla was too “perfect”.  Kids’ ice cream cones aren’t perfect….they’re deliciously messy!  Also, the cherry colors weren’t “cherry” enough once the pulp dried, so she suggested painting them with watered-down red and brown acrylic paint.



IMG_1222My next 3D project….the game “jacks”!



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